Business Florist

You are busy enough managing your company, let alone remembering your secretary’s birthday or refreshing the flowers at the reception desk. That’s not a problem − Heleen Valstar can take care of these concerns for you. We can make sure that there is always a fresh and impressive flower arrangement in the foyer of your office building, and that your employees receive beautiful bouquets on their birthdays. We can also take care of your plants and ensure that they are replaced when necessary. That way flowers and plants will stop being just another chore to attend to, and start being what they ought to be: a natural source of positive energy, of air purification and of inspiration in the working environment.

All you need to do is to choose the style of the bouquets and decide what kind of contract suits your needs − the rest you can leave to us. We will use our creative skills to deliver the perfect solution to your requirements. After all, flowers and plants are all about feelings and emotions. We put them in our creations. The result: ‘By Heleen Valstar, with love’.

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