Expo Stand

A Heleen Valstar exhibition stand is the perfect business card. The stand reflects your identity, is inviting and daring. It addresses your target group and supports your message. With Heleen Valstar Expo Stand you make the difference. You stand out through originality: Your guarantee of success. Heleen Valstar Expo Stand brings sparkle to every interior. Simple, clean lines or lavish and wild? Your wish is our command. We don’t make over-the-top creations just to show off our own skills. The most important thing for us is that YOU feel good about your stand; that you are able to welcome your business relations in an inspiring environment that you can feel proud of.

Heleen Valstar Expo Stand offers professional service from start to finish. If you wish, you can leave the complete process up to our team, from design and construction to disassembly. Heleen Valstar is also your perfect business partner for guiding, planning and organizing your exhibition activities, as well as for communication matters such as invitations and thank you notes. They all come from Heleen Valstar’s creative ‘kitchen’.

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