From understanding, adaptation, and building up 
Good design becomes one with the environment it was built for, or in.
Good design will create the desired ambience. Inviting, challenging, uplifting, or unifying; anything that is asked for.
Good design comes forth from understanding, adaptation, and building up.

In awe
Good design requires looking beyond what is. Beyond what could be. Following your curiosity. Continually asking questions.
Heleen is in awe. In awe of city architecture, art in museums, young industrial designers showing their work, and the creations of her fellow floral artists.

Good design also requires forward thinking; being a voice in the global conversation about sustainability. On keeping the Earth a habitable place. On waste streams.
Preferably, good design is crafted from sustainable materials. It is reusable, biodegradable, or recyclable.

Observe    Listen    Create


Heleen Valstar is the lead designer, floral artist, and company director of Heleen Valstar BV.

She grew up surrounded by flowers in a family that strived for innovation. For action and creation. For building and blooming. For looking further than what is.

Combined with her innate inclination towards creativity, playing with angles, materials, and colours, the seed for her current craft was planted at an early age. Heleen can craft the perfect ambience for any location and is often commissioned by businesses, governments, organisations, and individuals. She specialises in creating an inviting and exciting atmosphere; a space where one can discover, experience, and share. Specially crafted to suit the audience, event, place, and time.

Heleen’s career began at just 16 years old when she began her education in the floral arts. She honed her craft working for various companies, before starting her own business as an independent floral artist at age 23. To her, the floral arts have always been about more than just the flowers alone: that which she creates also requires a fitting framework, elevating her creations to true works of art.

The vivid imagination she had as a child, blossomed into a passion for creating elegant, refined designs and sceneries. Her company is now an environment where all possible materials are utilised to give a unique form and feeling to all manner of exhibitions, conferences, weddings and trade shows.

Today, Heleen Valstar BV is a dynamic international company with over thirty years of experience and a diverse client list that ranges from the agricultural sector and event organisers to ministries and museums.

Heleen Valstar BV is a renowned business with a thorough understanding of its trade and the colours of today, and an ever-curious outlook to discover the pigment that will make tomorrow beautiful.