Floral expositions: indoors, in a park or garden, floating on water or riding on wheels, art events on location, wedding decoration, at sporting or culinary events...
The heart of our business lies rooted in crafting art with a multitude of materials and possibilities.

Provocative or subtle, playful, elegant, stimulating or soothing.

Always tailored to suit your location, plan and audience. As far as we are concerned, the success of any event is determined by how you create the desired ambience. This is possible with a designer who asks the right questions, can anticipate special circumstances, and can understand and translate your request into a workable reality.

At your request, we will create a ‘world within the world’ based on your desired theme, situation or memorable moment. We offer designs and installations that will be of added value to any moment and will fit in seamlessly in the environment in which they are placed.

Creating any desired ambience is our profession. Experience is our teacher. A keen eye for quality keeps us sharp. Worldwide: an international sporting, art and culinary events, as well as wedding receptions, celebrations and ceremonies.

How we work

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