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Keukenhof is open!

Opening Kuekenhof 2024

The most beautiful spring park in the world is open again to visitors! πŸŒ·πŸ’—πŸŽˆ

Keukenhof 2024 has been officially opened. With a very special opening this year. Last Tuesday afternoon, March 19, the official opening took place with Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet. She opened the 75th anniversary edition of the Keukenhof Flower Exhibition in Lisse.

With the start of the Symphony of Colors, Princess Margriet officially opened the anniversary edition of Keukenhof. It was a festive opening and we had the honor of taking care of the flower arrangements.

We look forward to a thriving anniversary season!

Are you also coming to celebrate this anniversary with Keukenhof?
Keukenhof is open from Thursday, March 21 to Sunday, May 12 from 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM, including on Sundays and public holidays.

Photo was taken by: Jorrit Lousberg

Trade Fair Aalsmeer


We look back on a wonderful fair 'Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2023'

This international floriculture fair is one of the most important events of the year for growers, buyers, exporters and their customers. This time the fair took place from Tuesday, November 7 to Thursday, November 9, 2023.

The Trade Fair Aalsmeer has been experienced for years as a networking and inspirational event in the field of floriculture that you must attend. The presence of more than 600 exhibitors and more than 20,000 visitors offers excellent opportunities to catch up, make new contacts and do business.

For three days, growers will present their (new) range of flowers, plants and added value products: so you can gain plenty of inspiration.

This year we had the honor of providing the entire stands of more than 25 companies.

Curious about the end result?
View the photos via our LinkedIn profile.

Summer is here!

image00002 1

Before we start celebrating summer, we'd like to take a look back at one of our amazing jobs last spring “Keukenhof”!


It has now been a month since we completed Keukenhof.
Keukenhof is the international and independent showcase of Dutch floriculture.
In the park, the emphasis is on the 7 million spring-flowering flower bulbs, with 100 exhibitors showing their living catalogue.
This year we were given the opportunity to design 3 pavilions “Oranje Nassau, Willem- Alexander and Beatrix” based on different themes and provide beautiful flower and plant shows every week!
With a total of more than 20 flower shows, each with its own theme, which we were allowed to present.
The flower shows featured 500 flower growers selling cut flowers and potted plants in all their varieties.


Coronavirus China

We started the year with optimism, but are now faced with a corona virus...
A crisis with far-reaching consequences, both for businesses and individuals. 
It begins with the fragile health of yourself and your loved ones, and can at its worst lead to a complete standstill of your company. It is happening to us, too: we must work with the situation that has been given to us. But no matter what happens, let’s reach out to one another and spread courage!


We wish you all the strength and support that is needed to make it through this difficult time.


There are people working day and night to care for the sick, to give us our daily bread, and to keep our surroundings clean. We have a deep respect for each and every one of them. Thank you to all who work in healthcare, food, transport, and cleaning for your invaluable commitment!

Heleen Valstar and staff



We are there:
With 21 pairs of right hands, fragrance, colors and suitcases full of creativity on 1200 M2.

Dutch magic

1.Spruce Meadows_Heleen_Valstar

Dutch magic on Spruce Meadows – Calgary Canada

Summer in the air

Green Tech, Flowertrial, Zomerbloemententoonstelling

Usually, we start feeling the summer in the air even when it’s still winter, with the preparation of Green Tech, the Flower Trial, and the Zomerbloemententoonstelling (Summer Flower Exhibition). Creative ideas fly all over our office, the first sketches emerge, work tables and walls gradually fill with plans and timelines. The saying “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars,” describes our way of working: we start with thinking about what’s beautiful, what’s fun, what’s interesting. Then we figure out how we can turn our ideas into solid, practically feasible projects. Are you curious about our activities at Green Tech, the Flower Trial, or the Zomerbloemententoonstelling (Summer Flower Exhibition). Or are you curious what we can do for you? Please contact us.

100 year old KLM decorated with flowers!

Dreaming that you can fly? Believing in castles in the air?
The people of KLM have been successfully doing both for 100 years now!
On June 29th inside Hangar 12 at Schiphol, graced with our floral arrangements and three gems from the air fleet, began the celebrations KLM’s 100 year anniversary of operation and the upcoming ceremonial launch of a brand new castle in the air: the Dreamliner.

JANUARY - JUNE 2019: leaving our mark…

Every year, we leave our mark at trade fairs and events through the construction or reconstruction of stands, decors, or the supplying of set pieces. This precision work demands our utmost care and attention: throughout the process of planning, implementing, communicating, and improvising. Precision work, and exactly the kind of work that we love to do! A few highlights from the last few months:

We were present at the IPM Essen 2019, where we brought a touch of South-Africa to the presentation of the world’s largest rose farm: Afriflora. An eye-catching African lodge filled with local scents and colours. We also had the pleasure of working for Syngenta Nederland again with the construction of a new, larger stand. We constructed an elaborate display for PerfoTec at Fruitlogistica, and built a series of stands at the Horti Contact and Trade Fair. At the Spring Garden in Breezand, which had the theme ‘Paris’ this year, Hobaho asked us to create a welcoming reception area for their visitors. With a series of flower arrangements and a transparent, open atmosphere, we created the desired ambience. With an enthusiastic YES!, the Delft-based company of the same name agreed to our proposal to build a green plant wall and other natural set pieces at the location of their start-up event. Small oases of green amidst great technically innovative ideas.

We are thankful for the trust placed in us thus far in 2019, and hope to continue working hard for the optimal presentation of entrepreneurs and organisations in the future.


His Majesty the King is travelling to Ireland and our flowers are coming along!
From the 12th to the 14th of June 2019, His Majesty King Willem-Alexander will pay a state visit to
Ireland. Heleen Valstar has been tasked with the organisation of all floral arrangements for this state visit. An honour and great pleasure!

Heleen Valstar is als lid aangesloten bij branchevereniging CLC Vecta  en is een
Erkend Leerbedrijf