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We too feel responsible for keeping our planet habitable. Moreover: in our work, we make full use
of everything good the earth has to offer, with the use of sustainable materials that are reusable,
biodegradable, or recyclable. For this reason and to limit waste, we offer the possibility to rent scenery elements. Our offices are also being equipped with an array of solar panels, to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. When it comes to doing business in a sustainable way, we want to offer the world a breath of fresh air!


Sometimes a company will ask us whether it is possible for us to provide only the design for an
exposition stand. Your organisation might have its own technical experts who can take care of the
construction, or perhaps you might find it too complex for us to provide this service from the other side of the globe.

Do you want to construct your own stand, but would you still like to make use of our knowledge,
experience and creativity? This is, of course, an option. We like to think in terms of possibilities, and are dedicated to finding a solution that will satisfy everyone involved.


We could fill a book with everything we love about arranging wedding decorations.
We enjoy consulting the wedding couple about how the most beautiful day of their life together
should look. Together, we will determine the ambience in which they want to speak their vows, raise
their glass, and cut the cake... We consider it our privilege to create an ambience composed of the
wedding couple’s favourite colours and scents. A decor that will fit in with the wedding attire,
location, guests and season.

Heleen Valstar is als lid aangesloten bij branchevereniging CLC Vecta  en is een
Erkend Leerbedrijf